Business Story

Make Money with Falcon for Different Industries

Home decoration and beautification

Wooden murals, handicrafts, all kinds of DIY collage paintings, and carved text or paper-cuts with special meaning make the festival more atmospheric, especially on festive festivals or birthdays. These home decorations are in great demand.

Personalized gift customization

Personalized gifts are the mainstream in the current market. Everyone wants to have a distinctive personality, and not to be defined. Gift customization will definitely surprise you.

Making exclusive logos

School signs, business signs, road signs, where there is personnel flow and development, there is demand. In most cases, such orders are in batch and stable in long term.

Personalized DIY of shoes, hats and clothing

Engraving your favorite patterns or logos on shoes, hats, and clothing is more personalized and more recognizable. Express your own style, favorite stars, works, etc.

Jewelry personalization

Engrave the name of love and the promised oath on rings and necklaces, or make some personalized jewelries for sale, which is unique and commemorative.

Performance props

In games, sports, home furnishing, agriculture, etc., the application of various props is more in line with the personality and background of the host, and there is a great demand, especially in the current prevalence of self-media.